Since I was a child, I seem to have been driven by several different loves. There was always music in our house, so there was never a question that I would sing, which I do. Or play an instrument, which I do.
  And there has always been a deep and abiding love of  animals and the land, and an intense need to be close to them. Hence my life on a farm, and breeding and raising American Quarter horses.  My profession as a Professional Pet Groomer I've had for over 30 years.
  From my earliest memories, I have always crafted things with my hands. I began with clay, beading and leather crafts. Making Dream Catchers, Mandelas and clay figurines were some of my favorites. Crafting jewelry seemed a natural progression in expressing my "artsy" side.
  Within these pages, you will find pieces of jewelry that can be worn with formal wear, or a night on the town. Some that are whimsical, and some that can be worn every day. I hope you enjoy looking at them, and perhaps would enjoy owning a piece or two. If you don't, I also design custom pieces in your choice of colors and materials.